Terms & Conditions

 All Piping Products sold by Adroit Piping Systems which are defective will be replaced free of charge when returned to Adroit Piping Systems, subject to confirmation by Adroit that any defect or failure is not caused by incorrect installation procedure or damage caused by any other means. 

Subject to the requirement of government legislation, all products sold by Adroit Piping Systems shall have the benefit of any warranties provided by the manufacturer which are able to be enforced by without cost to Adroit Piping Systems. 

All such warranties are valid only when the products supplied have been installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ recommendations, and conditional to such products being used for the purpose for which they were designed. Any application of excessive pressure, temperature or other adverse conditions will void the warranty. Under no condition will Adroit Piping Systems be liable for consequential losses arising from defects in any product supplied. 

Provided that any products sold by Adroit Piping Systems are designed, assembled and installed in strict compliance with the relevant Australian Standards and manufacturer’s recommendations, Adroit Piping Systems warrants that the installed products are free from defects for a period of ten (10) years from the date of delivery.  

Further details are included in our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.



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