Company Profile

Based in Sydney, New South Wales, ADROIT PIPING SYSTEMS has been a leading supplier of non-corrosive piping systems, machinery and tooling to customers throughout the plumbing, gas fitting, mining and utilities industry for over 25 years.


  • Substantial intellectual property reserves
  • Large on-hand fitting stock for fabrication
  • Design capability
  • Key production and administrative personnel
  • Remote onsite logistics capacity for mining and gas industry requirements
  • Leading Polyolifin pipe heating and forming techniques
  • Long standing relationships with overseas fittings manufacturers
  • In house manufacturing capacity for fabrication machinery
  • State of the art material data reporting software

Fields of Expertise:

  • PE Pipe fabrication
  • Specialist fitting fabrication
  • Importer of PE fittings approved to AS4129
  • Warehouse complete range of pipe and fittings for all PE fusion system requirements
  • Importer Distributor and service agent for PE pipe system tooling and equipment
  • Equipment hire division for projeect requirements
  • Industry accredited PE welding training facility
  • Developing industry specific marketing systems and materials



Innovative Piping Systems

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