Specialist Fabrication

Capacity & complexity

Adroit Piping Systems has a fully equipped workshop complex which is dedicated to the production of specialist polymer fabrications as diverse as complex manifolds for mechanical services applications,mining, landfill, coal seam gas collection systems, and irrigation along with many others. Prefabricated pipework spools and stack work for high-rise projects can be built from workshop drawings, with substantial time and cost savings to the installer.

Fittings Manufactured from Pipe

In addition to its unique capabilities, Adroit Piping Systems also manufactures a range of standard polyethylene pipe fabrications such as segmented bends and equal tees and it can supply a complete range of sweep bends from 50mm up to 630mm in diameter, manufactured from PE 100 pressure pipe to AS/NZS 4130 with wall dimensions from SDR 9 to SDR 21. Bends are made in standard angles of 15°, 30°, 45°, and 90°, but bends of any specified angle up to 90° can be supplied against customer's orders.

A complete range of forged reducing tees from 250mm up to 800mm is also available, with branch sizes up to 60% of the main pipe size. These fittings are all manufactured and tested to the highest standards and are suitable for jointing by butt fusion or electrofusion, due to their dimensional accuracy.

Diversity & Availablility

To complement the fully equipped Fabrication facility at Adroit Piping Systems, a large inventory of moulded fittings is maintained - eg. elbows, tees, reducers, together with ancillary items - eg. flanges, valves, gaskets etc. This investment has enhanced Adroit's ability to meet its customers ever more demanding lead times.




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